Camden County Animal Shelter Clinic offers low-cost dental cleaning services on Mondays. Keeping and maintaining your pet(s) health is our priority and we are very excited about adding “Pet Dental Day” to our list of services. As you maintain your dental hygiene it is just as imperative that you do the same for your furry friend. If left untreated a number of health issues can occur. Call to schedule your dental cleaning appointment today 856-401-1300 ext. 109.

If gum disease is not treated it can create an infection that can travel through the bloodstream.  It is recommended that an annual cleaning and polishing is done along with routine health care. Gingivitis is caused when plaque builds up around the gum line (just as it does with humans) and if not regularly cleaned it can develop into Periodontal Disease.

Services are available to cats and dogs from 1 year to 5 years of age. Any pet over 5 years old must have blood work prior to anesthesia as a safety precaution. We offer blood work services and accept blood work from a referred veterinarian completed within the last six months. This is for routine dental which includes teeth scaling and polish. It is important to maintain your pet’s dental hygiene to reduce and prevent and/or stop any health concerns.

It is highly recommended that you purchase an e-collar, which are available for sale depending on the size of your animal, or you may bring your own. Pain medication is also highly recommended.

Up to 25 lbs $200.00
26-50 lbs $225.00
51 – 75 lbs $275.00 N/A
101-125 lbs $350.00 N/A
Extractions* $20.00 and up
Excessive Tartar Build-Up* $30.00 – $50.00
Pain Medication
(highly recommended)
$30.00 – $50.00
Blood Work $72.00

*Clinic staff will call you prior to any extractions per health exam or to discuss excessive tartar build-up.

Call to schedule your dental cleaning appointment today 856-401-1300 ext. 109. For any questions regarding the dental procedure you may email our Clinic Manager, Valerie Miller at

Camden County Animal Shelter